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There is no film career that could be likened to filmmaking as such. But there are lots of things that become a part of the hobby.

What is the difference between filmmaking as a hobby and a career?

A film career can only be compared to a book career, which is a creative profession rather than a business. The two are not necessarily mutually exclusive. For example, a novelist can write novels but not a book. A painter can be a painter but not a writer. A dancer can be a dancer but not a singer. A sculptor can be a sculptor but not a sculptor. There are also differences between those occupations from other domains like medicine, and between those occupations in a given area of education, like in business.

For instance, a scientist cannot create movies, but he does write books (science books). Likewise, a novelist can write books, but he can’t create movies. A painter, musician, sculptor, singer can be authors and film producers, but they are not film makers. Likewise, a writer can come up with a poem, but he doesn’t create a novel. The difference is that the creative profession is a personal endeavor rather than a business, and is in no way a career.

When a filmmaker is out of the office, or a musician is out of the music business, what happens after a production is over and the footage is taken?

At a high level, all production-related issues are handled during the postproduction process. Sometimes, however, certain decisions must be made at a more senior level in the production team after the film has been completed and post-production, or, more accurately, post-production quality assurance has been accomplished. Often times those decisions will not be taken until the final release of the film. This includes decisions regarding where to post the film and when to post it. For instance, if the camera angle used in the final cut is changed, the camera angle used in postproduction is no longer used to post the film. After an editor has made the film edit, or even a visual effect, the post-production quality assurance process can take up to a few weeks. The post-production quality assurance process should only be done as a last option in the case of an ongoing project like an animated feature film, but in the case of a feature film that has an already finalized release schedule, the post-production quality assurance process should be done in stages, with a post-production quality assurance

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