Is filmmaking a hobby?

Do I really need this “mothball” mentality? If your answer is “no,” don’t go to a shoot. If your answer is “yes,” do you truly have the commitment?

Don’t let anything other than a compelling work ethic stand between you and a shot. The world isn’t about how hard you work. Your work will never be perfect; but it should inspire you to work harder.

You’ll do amazing things as long as the work is something you’re passionate about. If you’re not passionate about the work, that’s on you, not the photographer. The world isn’t a place where you get to set up your rig and turn your camera on and get to watch another person shoot their work. That’s not the nature of the job.

In the end, every photographer I’m working with has to show his work to us. For some, it seems as if they’re so invested in their own work that it’s in their lives that they have to show it to our editors, to our producers, to our clients. What a jerk.

The world of independent filmmaking is a place of genuine talent.

No matter where you are, no matter what your goals are as a filmmaker, you need passion. And for every photographer that chooses to chase after a hobby/career path (and there are many), there is a dozen photographers that do not.

For every one in my film community that does not have any personal interest in the work/industry aspect of filmmaking, there are another 30 or so that are taking the same leap into the unknown that I was. And the reason I say “unknown” is because there hasn’t been the right platform or network to support this movement. There are a lot of talented folks out there. Don’t let your personal ambition hinder your dedication to the craft.

But here’s the thing I have learned after a trip to this film community on the other side of the country. I’ve become extremely inspired and inspired by the people I’ve met and the stories that they tell. I can’t describe to you what my initial reaction was when I walked in this community as a filmmaker. I was a blank.
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What I do know, is that when it comes to this community, everyone is passionate about their work and they all have their own personal journeys as professionals and hobbyists that bring the community together in a way that we all love. It’s a beautiful thing.

And just like that