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The film industry has grown and developed a reputation of being a dangerous and unstable place. What are some of the most dangerous and tumultuous places? In one of those places, The Netherlands. What is the most chaotic place? South Korea. What is the least chaotic place? Iceland, where we’ll be shooting our first ever feature film.

Our goal, as indie filmmakers, is to turn this into reality and to help us prove that filmmakers and independent films can thrive with some extra support from the larger entertainment industry. With your support, we can afford this production while making a big impact in the filmmaking world, in our own way.

We want to continue making movies, even if it’s a smaller and more personal story that makes us realize just how broken the movies industry has become. We have all of this thanks to you. In return, we want to provide a platform for you to get your message out and get to know the people involved in this growing movement that can be seen around the world by anyone.

You’re probably asking yourself some really interesting questions:

What money can I give?

With the right funding, this film can be made to the very smallest of budget requirements. This is a film for people with the skills and experience needed for filmmaking.

Where did we go?

In this video you can see some of the filming locations. We’ll be shooting mainly in The Netherlands and Sweden (and maybe on Iceland).

Can I still donate?

Of course you can. Any amount you choose will make a difference!

What we’re shooting will take place entirely aboard ships in the sky.

In this world we live in, people are often caught up in these conflicts, and those around them. We’re currently working on a project regarding how we can find ways to prevent these conflicts from happening in the first place, and how we can help people stay safe while these conflicts happen.

Please keep in mind that these are all different stories, that each have different situations and different situations will be dealt with different ways.

What’s a filmmaking crowdfunding campaign?

A crowdfunding campaign helps create something that isn’t available. It allows us to have access to funding that isn’t available to any other project. The project in question will have access to funding. And we all want our stories to be accessible. That’s how we make films.

We’re looking to get this going, and so are those who are already involved with

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