What do film students study? – Best Cinema Cameras Under 1000

How do I find a course?

What is the film program at the College?

What are the requirements for admission to the film program?

When do I graduate?

Does a film program cost any more than my other major?

What do I get out of the program?

What is the process for receiving a film recommendation?

Why should I choose the film program? What are some of the benefits?

What is the difference between the humanities and the social sciences?

What does it mean for a university to require all students to earn a Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science degree?

What is the relationship between film studies and the sciences?

Are there classes in the film program that take place in English, French or other languages?

What kinds of classes will I get?

What is considered a successful grade in the film program?

What is the difference between a fine and a satisfactory grade?

Can a student transfer credits from a film program?

Do I need to complete research courses during my junior year?

Can undergraduate film students take additional college credits?

What about students who want to go to graduate school, complete a masters degree, do some post-graduate work or serve in the military?

Are there requirements that all students take in order to graduate?

Do I have to apply for admission?

What must I do for admission?

I don’t want to enroll because I’m still in the planning process or I’m interested in other majors. What do I do?

What about transfer credits from film programs? I want to transfer credits from other colleges, universities or non-profit organizations?

I’m not sure what my major is yet, and I’m considering a combination of the arts and sciences. What do I need to know for planning?

You’re applying to film school—what do I need to do to get accepted?

What can my application mean for me after I submit it?

What is an admission review committee (AC)? What should I expect?

What does it take to get into the Film Program at the University of Illinois?

I want to study art history—where does that fall? Can I still apply for the film program?

I’m not sure what my major is yet, and I’m considering a combination of the arts and sciences. What do I need to know

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