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We want one. It’s about the director. Where does the filmmaker come back to himself? What does the director bring back to the scene? Why is the director the key figure for the director? Why do you say “Yes” or “No?”

We have to think about the director, as well as the actor, which is the director in the film – and where does the director come back to himself?

On Monday, April 11, 1815, a young British soldier, whose name has become associated with the infamous massacre at Hatfield, Somerset, walked to St. George’s Chapel in London to pray. As he came up the stairs to the church proper, he was startled when he saw a large man peering down from what looked like the roof of the Church of the Holy Cross. He had a large scar across his forehead, which he quickly described as a scar “of two inches in length” and around the width of a small finger.

According to his testimony, the man immediately ordered him to remain inside the church when he had “heard the cry of the people and the voice of martyrdom.” At the time, the British were fighting the Americans and at the time the people of Hatfield were praying in an enclosed area. They also had a sign on their church door that read:

“This door shall be called on any day for prayer. … All others shut … until the King’s grace to the King’s glory be upon us.” This sign said something like “This church was made out of the handiwork of God” and the people were praying to the King for protection and the protection of their homes. This was in a time when the Church of England was in disarray due to British actions.


It was at this point that the young soldier observed a tall African-American man. The man spoke a few words and the soldier ran to his side. They soon became friends and went on numerous pilgrimages together to Mecca. The soldier, in his later years, would become a devout Catholic whom preached the doctrines of faith, truth, and obedience to God. This man became the soldier’s friend, and the soldier’s testimony became legend.

He testified that the man had asked “whom the King had delivered into his power.” The soldier explained that the man told him about being with King John the Baptist, and that the British soldier had told him that the King, in his prophetic visions said that God had told him to fight the Americans.

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