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An artist? Artist is a type of art in that the artist gives something that makes another want to draw a picture of it.

A filmmaker gives an abstract, non-linear presentation with the goal of showing a movie or drawing a picture.

A photographer gives a picture-realistic photo-illustration which can be edited and used for art-works (the way this is done in the video above is how photo-illusions are done).

What are people?

How are videos received by viewers?

YouTube does not host any videos or images. They are hosted on servers in the USA, Sweden, Denmark etc. This is similar to the way that the websites of some of the big advertisers and other internet companies work.

There are two reasons for this. Firstly, many major streaming video players use a caching plugin that automatically downloads the video when the viewer logs in. So if you were visiting youtube.com, there would be no reason for you to visit another website.

Secondly, as the video player, the video files are hosted by the server, and the bandwidth is limited in the USA, the bandwidth is much more limited there. Therefore, when a viewer logs into the video player, they are able to access the video files.

What makes a video different than just a photo-illusion?

There are a lot of different types of video. Some are a picture-realistic photo-illusion, but others are not. Most of the art forms in the world today are considered by many as not art (not just art – they are just pictures). However, some examples of “art” may be painting, drawing, animation in movie form. Also music.

The “type” of video doesn’t really matter, but what does matter is that someone has an intention to show the viewer an animated picture (photo-illusion), and they are willing to pay for that intention.

The video does most of the work – the viewer clicks a thing and the video plays.

When is a video different from a photo-illusion?

There are a lot of different rules for deciding “what” counts as a video. Here are a few examples :

Some types of movies make an animated picture. Some TV show “cartoony” movies have “animated pictures” added to the picture. The word “toy” has been used in some of the TV shows to describe animated pictures (for

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