What does a filmmaker?

It’s a question we often hear in the film industry. I think what drives a filmmaker is that it is very difficult.”

What is it that inspires a film maker to come up with the idea? And is there a formula that one could use to determine if a film is a success or not? “I think what drives a filmmaker is that it is very difficult,” he says. “It might be difficult for them to come up with an idea without any external support. And I think that is what gives them a chance to push against all the odds because they don’t have anyone but themselves and a small team. Most filmmakers don’t want people around them to be the reason they keep doing things and this is how they get a great idea and push through to doing things.”

The filmmaker admits that a lot of his films seem very original but he says what separates the good films from those that do not is an ability to make you love the film even though it isn’t your favorite. He says “this is also a very difficult thing to get into.”

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This summer, the world of hockey was changed when Wayne Gretzky, a hockey hero for more than 20 years, died on July 21 at the age of 82. One day after his passing, he left behind five sons and 11 great-granddaughters — his final act as a father. So where are the other parents of hockey greats? Where are the parents of hockey legends?

The NHL defines a legend or great. A legend, after all, is someone who has played a defining role in the league’s success.

That said, there have been a certain number who have dominated the hockey world, as Gretzky (1957-1998), Gordie Howe (1961-1993) and Steve Yzerman (1980-1992) did. Among the first generation of legends is Gordie Howe, whose numbers — 13 NHL All-Star appearances, three Stanley Cups, seven Art Ross Trophies and 10 Lady Byng trophies — are still being tallied.

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On his NHL career and as a player, Gordie Howe was the epitome of grit, drive, and competitiveness.

What about another legend