What is a film maker called? – Filmmaking Tips From Directors Cup Standings

Gustav Nykvist: “When we were a little smaller it was more like a band. In the end it became a movie company. So after the initial success everyone got married and everything went well.”

So now the company has grown to over 100 people. Where is it all going?

“We had big plans for the future. We’re now expanding into Europe and the US. But our main aim is to make a product that is in everyone’s mind all the time, whether they watch or not.”

A little over two years ago it started with a simple idea. In this early version it was just a simple camera. What do you think now it can be?

“I love photography. It’s the only thing that’s fun to do. At one time if you were a street photographer you would just move around all day long. The only reason to move around is to take pictures but you get bored quickly. That’s what happened to us. We never even considered taking photos on a tripod but now we do it all the time.”

How do you manage to stay sane over a busy schedule?

“It depends a lot. I’ve got a good house. We have a decent car. It’s easy to relax. But not too easy for us. We’d go to the shop and we would have to buy everything at the same time. Sometimes you have to wait for it to arrive. There was one guy who always had a good time with us. A very nice guy. He was a model from the 60s. He had a black and white documentary film, not very expensive at the time. I don’t know what he got from us. We would put it on the car drive and he would show us the street when it was ready. That’s where I started to see a few images in his memory. He became a very important part of our life. Then in April of this year he got sick. Everyone in the film was very sad. We had lost someone. We put on the show that night at the theatre. I did not have enough time to go home with him and to watch the last episode.”

So he died of flu?

“He died of a serious illness. I was there. He died. It was heartbreaking.”

Then did you really get the idea for the project? The idea to show everything you like to camera on a regular basis.

“Yes it started with my

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