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What are the things you’re really good at?

My career as a filmmaker began in the late 80s. While I was still in seminary, I went to the Sundance. I was working as a student film-maker on a video for an American singer group. I was just making little videos on a whim, but I took inspiration from the Sundance festival. The festival had a big reputation for taking some of the worst, most mediocre films and making them pretty good.

I’m no expert at film — what I learned in seminary was how to tell a story, how to shoot your own movie, how to get it out and to promote it.

Now I feel pretty good at it, but my passion is in fashion photography and documentary photography, which is very different from film. I like all of them; the whole concept in the fashion world appeals to me.

What’s your biggest passion besides photography that you’ve been pursuing?
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My biggest passion is music. I love singing and playing guitar. As you can imagine, I would prefer to be writing music, composing and producing music. But I’m not interested in it at all. I like to make movies; I’m not a professional director. I just think that if you create something, it shouldn’t be wasted, if it’s done right.

How did you get into acting?

The first movie I acted in was a one-person show entitled “Juanita.” There’s this girl who’s like 9 years old. Her parents, her grandparents have disappeared. She has this weird dream that they’re going to come and take her and live with her forever. She was a kid — this little little girl — it was totally bizarre and I loved it. We all sort of watched her show and we laughed, we laughed. You know, there’s a lot of that and the main character in that movie was very, very funny.

My family and I moved to London and I got into acting as soon as that started. I didn’t really have a plan but I did have a very simple idea. I saw the new movie John Wick (2013) and I really liked that. John Wick is very, very British, which I was very curious about. I thought to myself, “Oh, how cool is this?” So I got a really nice call from John Wick, and that was my big break on that.

There’s a movie called ‘Beneath the Surface’

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