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A freelance filmmaker means that you’re going out to an area that has certain limitations. Because some regions have certain limitations, it may not be easy to find your own niche, for any amount of money.

The point is that if there’s not enough money in the industry or in the field, where’s the good money to be had? There’s always a chance for somebody doing good work. With that in mind, we thought about it and said you know what? Why don’t we just start hiring freelancers.

Where can you find a freelancer?

There are a lot of freelancers out there. We started with people who work for us. That was the first time we did that.

So, you have an idea of where all of this is going to go?

Oh well.

So, we’ve created a system. All you have to do is tell us a name, or a business card. We’ll pay you to put it together, and that’s it. There’s no more.

Who do you recommend freelancers to hire?

We recommend companies that we just feel confident that they’ve got something special. If you look at some of the smaller film festivals like SXSW where we’re putting these programs on, some of these companies do really cool stuff.

We’ve got to pick one of those. We’re trying to pick a company that has enough good stuff, if we do it right, that we’re going to stick with them.

So, if they pay you, you get $20, and another $10 if you sell merchandise.


So, that’s $15 extra?

Yeah, but what’s the advantage over a freelancer paying full fare and going out to an area and finding nothing? Not to mention, they have to worry about the money for insurance and all this.

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We’ve found that with the right guys, for a limited amount of time.

When we came up with this, we thought $500 might be hard to figure. But we felt like we weren’t going to have money left over, so we figured, hey, what if we made it $1,500?

When you come up with the money though, it’s the most insane money you’ve ever seen in your entire life.

Are you getting any interest?

Sure I am.

What’s been the reception so far?

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