What is filmmaking course? – Funny Quotes About Filmmaking Process Steps

“In the film business, filmmaking courses are the same as they are everywhere else in business: they just get given to you. And it’s not a question of being paid less, because you’re not, it’s a question of what you get. We have thousands of students for every course we have.

“Film: it is a craft that is not taught in a vacuum; it is an art and a business that you must practice if you want to be professional and successful. It’s why you don’t get to know the great people of the industry, because they don’t learn in the classroom.”

“The idea was to make a film that was about the life of this man that I’m in love with, where you are in that relationship.”

How does a film start?

“When it’s a story that tells itself, all the decisions are made in a story. When you first make your decision to make a film, it’s all done in storybook.”

“As you begin preparing the shots or the camera, you know when you’re doing them right. You can do it on the first day of shooting, but if you don’t know when you’re doing them right, you never know about it.

“When you get a good feel, it’s like being in a relationship. But you’re not. You are the movie – you make it. You don’t say, ‘Oh, my God! We’re going to tell the story of this relationship that I’m in,’ because the film itself needs the same thing.”

A person can make a beautiful film, but also a painful film, and a horrible film.

I ask him about his experience filming for the first time, and he says the worst moments in his life were the moments when he was unable to capture a scene because the camera was out of focus.

Did it ever happen to you?

“No. When I was starting out, I never had a camera out of focus. It never happened to me. You know what, maybe it will happen later. Maybe next time it will happen.

“I remember when my first camera broke! If it never happened to me – no. It’s because I was trying to make a good movie. Maybe next time, you’ll have some cameras out of focus.”

“I think I was always good because I was always interested. I was asking questions, watching things, observing, asking questions

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