What is the best job in the film industry? – Film Editing Jobs Melbourne

In a nutshell it must be working on a science-fiction film. In that case, all of the films are going to be about space exploration, so you know that will be the most prestigious career path. Also, you get the ability to do anything you want. In the case of an actress, it would be to play the lead role.

What is the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought?

On my recent trip to the mall, there’s a place that sells designer jewelry and I took off their bracelet and bought a big diamond. But I also bought a lot of really nice, really expensive clothes (like $100) and it was more expensive, but I just got the clothes. I also got a nice jacket that my friend asked me to take back to Italy.

Who is your favorite comedian?

The guy I have a great time with is Adam Sandler, you know what an A-T in one word?

What song can you sing in two different songs at the same time?

“Puppy Love,” that’s why.

What is your favorite movie?

A couple of movies that I would recommend. A movie so bad that it would be pretty good, but also have the right amount of humor and horror. I love ‘Diary of a Madman’ and ‘The Ring’–both of them have a big heart about them that make it worth the price. It’s just not the most stylish genre. As for the action movie, that one has a lot of really funny characters, a good plot, and amazing action.

Favorite thing about your home?

One of the few homes I really love. The most beautiful thing is obviously my house. But on top of that there’s the garden–I do gardening all the time. I enjoy the view from time to time, it’s really pretty. I live with my partner and we have a dog! She makes me feel so happy, I just love her!

What is your worst memory as an actress?

The second most embarrassing is when my character was singing the same song and that was way too bad.

What is your biggest wish?

That every girl that I love should stop auditioning to read for my roles. It makes me sad to think that some girls are so insecure that they want a part just because they audition! Because then they end up getting the film. I really would love for all of them to

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