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You have to be able to act, make a film, be funny, make money, make people laugh. I like a lot of different genres, but if I’m just doing a story for a magazine, I do TV or I get hired for a bunch of different films and try to combine them into a film. I do a little bit of stage work when I’m at a restaurant because you have to be able to get up, work, pay bills, and have some fun.

Drake’s Views has been one of the most polarizing pop stars of 2017. Not the most creative rapper around, he’s been slammed for not being smart or for being too much of an ego. Some of the reviews and the criticism have really pissed him off. But the Canadian pop star, who recently celebrated his 25th birthday with a surprise performance in China, says he does not care.

Drake isn’t just being himself, he says.

The Canadian rapper recently posted an Instagram photo in which he appears to be wearing a suit from the 1960s. While it’s not clear from the photo, he’s wearing the suit from Louis Vuitton’s fashion show of the year.

His Instagram post garnered the attention of social media users, many of whom noted that the designer used Drake’s first look.

Drake has been talking about his upcoming album Views — which he released earlier this month — and is preparing a surprise tour featuring The Weeknd, Miguel, Pusha T, Nicki Minaj, and his old boy from Toronto, Pusha. But what about his look for the Chinese tour?

According to the rapper, the most important aspect for the Chinese tour is the dress.

I mean it is gonna be the most beautiful thing ever pic.twitter.com/3JgjZJNpZb — BRAND NEW BEYONCÉ (@brandnewbeyonce) December 19, 2017

The Chinese version of #tour of #views is gonna look like the fucking @louisvuitton show in 1959 pic.twitter.com/uGdE7BX9c9 — BRAND NEW BEYONCÉ (@brandnewbeyonce) December 19, 2017

In the tweet below, Drake has also said that he will wear a suit from Louis Vuitton’s collection of 1960s.

“The Chinese tour is gonna be the most beautiful thing ever,” he says. “And i’m gonna

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