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No one gets paid enough to justify hiring a special effects wizard. No one gets the amount to get them out of bed in the morning. It all amounts to an incredible wealth of talent. That said, the movie industry does have a reputation for producing too much of a good thing. If I were an entertainment executive looking to get people out of the way of my product, it would be difficult to find any actress with a more varied set of traits.

Who says Hollywood is all about getting stars to perform? There are actresses who earn a living by merely appearing as a character or giving voice to them. Sometimes that work is for one or two movies and, since it’s a job, doesn’t pay them much. Other times it’s for four films, or an entire television show that’s just started, and only earns the actress a small fee. But actresses who appear in a lot of movies are paid as much as actors who play themselves. There are others, too. Some appear in many, maybe a lot, of movies. And they all earn a living by the very act of being on the screen. This year one actress earned her way into the Oscar race, playing Rachel in Birdman, on a total salary of $70,000. On the other hand, one actor, a famous writer (and director), was paid only $1 million for his role in Noah, one of the best movies of the year.

Why is it that most films have a star at the end of the credits, but not at the beginning? Most movie stars make a lot of money as they age, and often have been paid a lot. Even the ones who do not, the ones whom we are likely to see again in sequels and prequels, are probably not getting paid as much as they could be.

Is it good for the industry?

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There are reasons to question the industry’s desire to get celebrities in. While it’s nice to have stars at the ends of credits, in the age of digital cinema, it’s much harder to get a large number of star-studded films to be released at once on a single platform. In terms of the movie business, the system is not set up to have all the work paid for in advance. The average director gets a budget from which to budget his own movies. He must then find money for his cast, the rest of his crew, and all the overhead of production himself. To a great extent, the film industry relies on

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