Can magnets be used to generate electricity? – Free Energy Equation Delta Sonic

No. Magnetism is a specific type of matter. It’s not an electricity source. It can’t get into a transformer.

What is the magnetic field strength below the earth’s surface?

The average human can’t stand up. It’s about the strength of about a one-hundred-pound man being thrown on the ground by a strong wind.

The average person, if you have a big magnet and a big hand, you can probably lift a hundred pounds with your hand. The magnet creates a huge static current. It’s enough to do the job of several power generators. It’s a lot stronger than a strong wind blowing. A large magnet will create a very strong magnetic field, but you can’t put a lot of energy through it.

How many magnets should I have?

That depends on the purpose. It’s not necessary to have a lot of magnets because you can put any kind of magnet into the earth to generate electricity.

Is earth-based electricity safe?

The most important thing is to keep the magnet in its place. There’s a very strong magnetic field inside the earth. The strongest magnetic field is around the north pole. Because of that there is a lot of very strong and dangerous radiation. As long as you don’t bring that into land or touch the ground in some way the earth will take care of it because the field around the poles of the earth has a lot of weight behind it. I cannot give any guarantees.

Is there anything that should never be touched by electricity?

No, electricity can be used safely in all situations because there’s not much weight on the ground. The main point is not to touch electric conductors. You have to be very careful when charging a car. That’s why it should be always kept in place.

What is the best kind of battery to use for charging a motor?

If you want to charge the motor, use a battery with a capacity of about 10.9 pounds.

What type of batteries should I get to charge motor?

If you want to recharge the motor you will need to use high-quality NiCad batteries. The only type of LiPo batteries that are known to produce a good power is NiMH. There are some other NiCad batteries like the ones with an added protection circuit. These are also known as a “high-power” type. The best batteries to use for recharge are those that come with a

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