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Are they cheap? How many are there? What properties do they have? And how did they get here? These questions and more are explored on episode #8 of This Week in Physics Podcast. Free View in iTunes

65 Clean The Great Big Black Hole Is the Hubble Space Telescope the Biggest Black Hole in the Universe? What is a “Great Big Black Hole”? Is it made of dark matter or ordinary stuff like stars and dust? We ask some of the top astrophysicists to explain the answer to these questions. Free View in iTunes

66 Clean The Mystery of the Longest-Ever Radio Signal A newly formed radio galaxy lies between our Milky Way galaxy and the Andromeda galaxy, and its radio signals have lasted longer than any signal from any star or galaxy ever detected. How can this be possible? Listen in to find out! Free View in iTunes

67 Clean This Week in the Universe: Can the Planets Go Faster Than Light? With the advent of the Space Age, it’s never been easier to send probes to other galaxy systems. The goal is clear: travel faster than the speed of light. But how do scientists know that the planets can go faster than light? Free View in iTunes

68 Clean The Search for the Ultimate Starburst Galaxy What will life look like to us in the Universe five billion years from now? How do we know this? What would life be like? Does our future look bright and colorful? Free View in iTunes
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69 Clean The Hidden Forces That Made the Universe Possible If the Universe was always around, there would be no stars, and no galaxies. Which forces are responsible? Why do some galaxies emit and some don’t? How are they created, why are they different in our Universe? Free View in iTunes

70 Clean Are Astronomers Trying to Confirm Einstein’s Theory of Relativity? Can space-time be distorted by gravity? Should physicists ever consider “time” to be a real thing? And if so, what does that mean for our universe? What kind of a theory of gravity should we believe in? Listen in for the answers to all of these questions and more. Free View in iTunes

71 Clean This Week in the Universe: Why Could The Universe’s Hidden Forces Be So Strange? How could gravity be so mysterious? Are there some deep forces that control the Universe’s invisible structures? Why can matter behave in unpredictable ways? And could these same forces be responsible for strange quantum phenomena. Free View in iTunes

72 Clean The Future of

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