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If you’re wondering why water heat lamps have come to dominate the modern home, you haven’t met the inventor and inventor-in-residence of WET! Electric Water Heating. He has been on the inside of the electric water heater market since 1980. It’s about time! You can learn about his early career, as well as his innovative products. If you want to build a new water heater of your own, or you find yourself in need of more information, you should definitely check out the WET! Electric Water Heating website. A good resource for information about home water heaters is the Wikipedia article about electric water heaters.

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Tiny House Living – Big Green
PPT - Chapter 19 – Reaction Rates and Equilibrium ...

A great place to live with big plans for your space! Big Green is a space for people who don’t want to live in a tiny hotel. We design our rooms and apartments to be as close to the sun as possible, so we’re not just for the green crowd. Our rooms can be as warm as you want them, while also offering ample space for a big family or solo travelers to relax as you look forward the most for your next vacation in the Pacific Northwest.

As the debate over net neutrality rages on, the most recent ruling by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) does not appear to be a final decision from someone appointed by President Obama. (Some in the media, including the New York Times and Reuters, are claiming that it is.) If anything, the decision, as the FCC put it, does little more than keep the lights on for a couple more months. While the majority of the press coverage is focused on the technicality of a decision in one court case, the bigger story here is the political significance of this particular case — and how much of the debate has been driven by partisan grid

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