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There is no substitute for a solid base. The most important piece of that is a well-engineered foundation. To make building solid walls from the ground easy, it’s important the foundation is of high quality. Many builders have taken advantage of a system developed by the Chicago Building Co. For this article we used the system that came with the first model of their popular Model T. The Model T Model T foundation is made from a series of steel slabs that are formed into a solid block. The blocks are made separately and are sold through a network of retailers including Sears. This foundation system gives the builder the flexibility to create a wall in various forms, with different sizes of slab height and with different levels and design options. The builders at New York Building Co. worked with the Chicago Building Co. to determine the best design and specifications for the first Model T foundation. To create the required number of slab-height blocks to achieve the required base, the city of Chicago constructed a factory to produce the slabs. The factory was designed to make a single series of slab-height blocks. The slabs are then assembled by various employees, usually a skilled mason. Once assembled, the slabs are shipped to the Chicago Building Co. factory. The slabs then are sold at the store and are used to create the foundation for a home or commercial building in the city. A typical Model T foundation consists of four parts: a concrete slab , solid concrete floor, solid foundation block , and a finished wall . The slab is the foundation. The concrete block is a base that provides support for the slab and concrete. The concrete floor is the floor below the slabs and includes the floor beams. The foundation block is an optional unit of construction that adds additional support for the foundation slab in a home or commercial setting. The finished walls are made from the slabs at each corner of the base. The corner walls allow for the wall to expand and contract with respect to the size of the foundation. The walls are made from a number of different types of walls. In one corner the brick wall and in another the steel gable wall. The gable wall is used to form doors, windows, door handles, doors and windows in the exterior of a home. The bricks are used for a wall that is at least six stories tall, allowing for the wall to be larger than the walls used in single-family homes.

Building Systems From Ground Up New York Building Co. is the home of many of the best-known building systems in

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