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There are several different power sources to consider for a starter-based car battery. One alternative might be to buy a vehicle-electrolyted battery. This provides all of the energy a battery needs, but it does not need to be plugged into an electrical outlet. You can even wire this into a home system, so that when you want to charge your car, you can use a battery with little to no voltage to charge your phone or laptop.

I’m not sure if I found this article interesting. I think not. It’s about a person being accused of molesting their 8-year-old neighbor. I really don’t think there are many articles, if any, written by parents about such a scenario. It sounds like the worst kind of horrible thing that’s ever happened, and everyone agrees with that. The person who wrote this article doesn’t do an about-face:

“On Saturday, June 5th, the mother of the daughter’s child called the Lakewood School Police Department, claiming that her 4-year-old daughter was acting strange and that she was being supervised by her father and other adults.”

… “The police were called, and the girl was taken to the elementary school.”

No mention of a neighbor that the child had spoken to a while back. How this happened, without a lot of police or school records, has never been explained at face value.

This is typical of any article on this story. Even if it were true (even if I didn’t understand how this happened), it doesn’t seem like it would be newsworthy. In fact, it would sound like the worst kind of bizarre things that ever happened.

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall is calling for another provincial inquiry into the province’s housing crisis, despite the fact that the federal government has yet to formally inquire into the topic and despite the fact that he had told reporters to stop referring to the problem as a housing crisis.

“There is an awful lot more to be done to build more housing in this province, and let me be very clear that’s what we’re doing,” Wall said Wednesday in a speech at the University of Saskatchewan.

“It’s up to the government to build more houses for people,” he said. “I’m not there yet, in the sense that I haven’t yet been invited to be involved, but, I’ll say it again, there is an awful lot more that needs to be done — in order for it to be successful

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