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First, check to make sure that any parts that have been removed are included and are in the correct order. Next check the connector (see photo) and ensure that you have all connections correct

After verifying that everything is working, take the battery out of the battery pack and place the battery in the battery socket of your electronics and make sure a screw is in the correct place, making sure that it is tight against the pins of the connector

Now that the battery has gone through it’s life, you can check to make sure that you have installed the correct battery into the appropriate slot into the socket. After verifying you have the proper placement, insert the correct battery connector into the correct plug and make sure it is in the proper orientation into the socket, making sure that the “T” or “V” is pointing to the correct place.

Now that your battery is plugged in and connected, it should power on. If you still see the red LED blinking and it is unable to start, use the help of the help of the video below to verify that all your connections are correct. If your lights still wont respond, do the following to find the cause

Step 1. Make sure you know that the circuit is properly connected, and that you are using the correct battery. If you know there is some problem, such as a bad battery and the module has to be re-tested, please tell me, I am very sorry for any inconvenience!

Step 2. Check what power supply is powering your LED LED lights. There are many available. If the module is power-protected, you would need your own power supply. If the module is off-the-shelf, check that the power is from a source that is powered by positive-reversing terminal. Usually this is the negative terminal with the negative battery inserted, sometimes there is a protective cover that makes the connection easy. If it is using a standard power supply, you would need your own.

Step 3. Check to ensure that the light does not need to be turned on and that you have enough of the required voltage (the voltage that makes the lights work). You should have a voltage that you can turn the light on and off with out any issues.

Step 4. To verify correct power, test the module. Connect the plug with the correct wires and it should work!

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