How can I stop my electricity from being shut off? – Nikola Tesla Free Energy Technology Repressed Memory Articles

You can’t – there is no way. It’s a system. You can’t stop the switch. That’s a decision that is made for you on whether an electrical event is connected to you or not.

What if there are issues with certain electrical appliances (for example, lighting)?

There may be some issues, but they will be resolved by your landlord. They will talk to the manufacturer or electrical supplier to investigate and see if there are any things you can do about it.

How much can I increase my rent? How does this work?

There is no limit to how high your rent can go. If your tenancy ends, we will let your landlord start paying rent again on the dates and terms set out before the tenancy ended.

We will charge you in accordance with what your new landlord has agreed at the initial tenancy. However, this does have to be the same as it was before the tenancy, unless you ask for a larger rent increase.

So how much should my rent be?

In Victoria, the RTA requires that all rental properties must be at least 50% more than the median home purchase price (if different in your area) or 50% of the rent if lower median home purchase prices exist. It is your landlord’s responsibility to keep up with housing trends.

There is no such cap in NSW and we have to allow for changes in population and supply to make sure that we have the right dwelling stock.

Is it cheaper to rent out my property?

You might hear people from property websites say that it is cheaper for a landlord to rent out properties than to buy. This is not true as you have to pay rent in cash, not in kind!

Let’s break the difference between renting and buying down.

Renting means you have to make a financial commitment to rent a property. For example, as opposed to buying, you have to make payments over a longer term. You may have to pay monthly rent.

Buy means that the price of property is fixed and nothing can be changed. For example, a property owned for 5 years will be the same as the previous rent.

Renting and buying can be a more expensive option for a lot of people but you have to factor in the risk of it happening – things could be badly wrong and you could be evicted. If you buy, you are less at risk, especially if you don’t have children.

If your new landlord

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