How can I stop my electricity from being shut off?

The following options can be used to stop the electricity from being shut off:

Do not turn on the electrical switch. Instead, unplug the plug and set the power to ‘off’.

Turn off all your electronics in the house (computer, TV, stereo, electric fridge, gas stove and any appliances). This also shuts off the heat.

Turn off the fridge.

Turn off all the appliances inside your house. It is important to turn off all of the appliances before closing up.

Call the energy firm’s Help Line 0800 3040 933

Your local energy supply company can provide information about the safety and environmental impacts of electricity and how they can be more efficient. Contact them online or by phone.

You can get a subsidy from the energy supplier, if you want to reduce your energy bill by 25%.

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How much does electricity cost?

You should always check the current rate of your electricity usage and make sure you’ve reduced the load on your appliances to the lowest level, before you go out.

Electricity prices have increased considerably since the last price review over 10 years ago (October 2013).

Electricity bills for 2016 are:

In June 2017 this rate was 0.5 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh)

In July 2017 this rate was 0.4 cents per kWh

In October 2017 this rate was 0.18 cents per kWh

In December 2017 this rate was 0.18 cents per kWh

How much will my electric bill be after energy retailer payments?

You can find out the total amount after utility (copper, gas, and electricity supplier) charges. For example, if your electricity bill is £1,000, then after all your utilities have been paid, you will pay £500.

You can check how much you’ve paid before you go out by tapping in at your nearest energy retailer. You’ll be told the total amount paid.

How to pay for the energy bill

Do any payments need to be made?

The payment is made when you go to make the electricity purchase.

You will either pay the total amount (the ‘total charge’) or use a balance transfer to avoid the total charge.

If you use your balance transfer and pay your total electricity bill and any other bills that are on the same day or the last day of the month, then the total charge is reduced by the amount of money