How did Tesla’s free energy work? – Tesla Free Energy Tower Texas

According to Tesla, this new, advanced energy conversion process uses energy in a totally different way than anything that has ever been invented before. Tesla is calling it “the most energy efficient energy conversion yet devised.”

Instead of heating up a liquid or gaseous medium via a furnace in the combustion chamber, the Tesla coil will convert the energy of the sun. The result is that Tesla’s Tesla coil is able to produce more energy than it’s equivalent natural gas-powered power plant.

This energy can then be harvested or stored for use, as described in Tesla’s latest patent titled, “Electrotower System for Combustion Engine.” Tesla says that this new system will offer “power generation for large energy facilities, which is needed to power residential and commercial buildings worldwide.”

The Tesla coil itself has a circumference of only 18 inches, which is similar to that of a football field and roughly the size of a typical home refrigerator. At the same time, the coil’s base contains only a little more than 3 grams of diamond-like silicon carbide. That amounts to a thickness of only six-and-a-halfths of a millimeter.

While the efficiency of Tesla’s Tesla coils can’t be proven right now because there aren’t enough of them yet, the company says it should be able to convert the sun’s heat into electricity “without further reduction of the heat input from natural gas-fired power plants.”

Tesla has already released a Tesla Semi truck, which has been on the roads for seven years now. So far, the company has only sold two cars, the Model S and Model X. A third, to be called the Model Y, is expected to be released around the end of next year.

All in all, Tesla plans to produce 100 million vehicles a year over the next 15 years. That makes it the world’s largest automaker.

Tesla is currently undergoing its “Gigafactory,” a massive battery plant designed for manufacturing large amounts of electric vehicle batteries. The company also is working on its first self-driving car for delivery by 2020.

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