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Let’s try to figure that out.

The easiest way to do this is with a simple calculator. On that page you’ll find a simple equation which tells you how much energy is in a magnet. When I’m doing my homework, I use my calculator to make that calculation, even though it’s not a very good one, and then I try to work out how much energy it takes to move the magnet from A to B. The equation is as follows:

where ρ m is the magnet mass, m is the diameter of the magnet, is the magnet’s “weight”, and C is the material of the magnet.

For example, the equation is:

And the mass of the magnet is π

The mass of the magnet can be found on the Wikipedia article on Magnets. Note that the mass of the magnet does not depend on the number of magnets that are in use at any given time; all the same, you will find that you can get the largest mass of a magnet (by moving one magnet a bit faster) by moving a bit slower, and the smaller mass of a magnet (by moving a little bit faster) by moving a lot slower.

So what are the mass of a magnet in the US?

When I asked the question, I only mentioned that in the United States a small magnet can be as big as a quarter; I didn’t include the energy in the equation. It turns out that there is a fairly accurate equation for the mass of a magnet that is used worldwide. See here. The following equation is used to determine the mass of a magnet:

The mass I used is a little less; it’s what we call a “boutin”, which is basically 5.7 grams. That’s not really much of a problem.

What am I doing with the whole mass of a magnet in my calculator, anyway?

At this point a few notes about the calculator. Some things it can do are:

I have created an Excel spreadsheet that calculates the masses of all the magnets I have in my home with a single click without having to type the whole thing twice. If I want to use it as a base for comparing something else (like the density of steel or other items), I can type the whole thing into a spreadsheet and print a copy, which I then use to copy a sheet and make a copy, etc.

There’s an example of the calculations I’ve done on this spreadsheet that

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