Is ATP free energy? – Free Energy Diagram For Sn2 Reaction

There are some very good theories which have been developed on whether ATP plays an important role in the synthesis of ATP and why the body seems to require the energy of ATP for energy usage.

As we discussed previously, energy requires energy to produce. ATP (adenosine triphosphate) can be produced directly by ATP hydrolysis while adenosine monophosphate (AMP) can also be produced directly by this reaction, and in fact, it is sometimes possible to create ATP in a lab without the need to make ATP by another reaction called ATP synthase.

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However, the energy for making ATP can only be obtained if there is enough energy in the cell!

Why is there not just enough energy in the cell to generate ATP?

When there is less energy available, there is something called the ATP depletion deficit or PDR. The PDR is caused by the breakdown of fat.

When the body does not get enough energy from food, it uses fat as fuel for energy, because fatty acids are a very cheap source of energy, though they have to have the right composition of calories and the right proportions of energy to body fat in order to perform the important functions of a cell.

If the body cannot produce ATP (because it needs to create ATP from fat), the body has to create extra energy by burning fat. That energy has to come from somewhere else.

This is why, during exercise, for example, the body uses fat as a fuel. In fact, it is well recognised that the only way to make the body lose fat is to expend more energy than fat can provide by itself.

If the body cannot produce ATP, then energy stores can go down in the cell, which can lead to weight gain. If the body cannot make ATP, then fat can no more be used as a fuel.

Fat can still supply important types of energy, including:

Phosphorous: ATP must be made by this reaction only.

Isoelectric energy for light body movements which use the ATP for energy as a sole source:

Adenosine Monophosphate – ADP needs to be synthesised by this reaction, because the mitochondrion stores ADP for when the cell uses ATP to produce ATP, and doesn’t use it when the body is resting.

For most of the fat used for energy production, this ADP (adenosine diphosphate) gets its energy source from another source

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