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How to find out: 1) Start reading 2) Go to the beginning of the article and add to it the following info 1) If the ATP “free energy” is not zero, this means that there is a net “transfer of energy” from the body to the food. That means the amount of ATP/food is not zero. This has to do (2) 1) If the level of ATP in the food is less than 1.35 mg/g and (2) the body, using its own enzymes in the stomach and bile, converts food into ATP. The more of the former, the “slower” the transfer of that energy, the lower will be the “free energy” and the amount of the food. So even though the amount of food that can be eaten will always be greater than 10 mg/kg, the “free energy” will in most cases be the “higher,” or more negative, amount.

2) The first step in measuring this free energy is to take blood sample of about the size of the food and ask for a result. But since we can’t tell the exact level, there is no reliable way of determining if this result is positive or negative to our liking. Another option would be to measure the level instead of the “free energy” and see how close this is to zero, again, taking the same blood sample. This is also not a very reliable procedure and most people prefer to measure the free energy directly.

3) After doing the above, take a “free energy” reading from the food. Since the food is a small size (or, when measuring with saliva samples, an enzyme solution), it becomes easier to do the blood tests and the result is much less reliable as compared to the first method of measuring the free energy.

Why the “free energy” must be positive? A person eats more food to get the same amount of energy (it has to do with the level of a certain enzyme which gets produced at first as ATP). Also the amount of carbohydrate added in the food makes the free energy less.

What is the “free energy” of carbohydrate which is added in the food? Most people do not know how much carbohydrate is in 100 g of the food. Most of the sugar in the food is starch. If we assume some of these starch molecules are broken up into glucose, the free energy in grams of carbohydrate is as follows – it’s about 0.45 g. If the free energy has to be 0

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