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It’s possible that a super-cold object, like a black hole, might have a ‘virtual’ counterpart and act as a gravitational companion to a much brighter and larger black hole, or a neutron star.

But even with the help of some exotic technology, that scenario would probably require an incredibly powerful source that would make our present-day supermassive black holes look small compared to the black holes that exist in our galaxy.

The best possibility, however, is that one of those galaxies is the source of free energy:

“These free-floating matter accelerators come from the black hole, in the same way a jet rocket engine comes from an aircraft carrier,” said Dr Martin.

“It does, however, require energy from a source far from Earth that can be sustained (perhaps several planets orbiting a supermassive black hole) and thus require the help of a supermassive black hole to sustain it and its energy,” he added.

It is a bit hard to imagine an environment where such a supermassive black hole could exist, given that our home galaxy is a billion times fainter than that, Dr Martin added.

Welcome to The Great White Way.

In the middle of the great white plain, in our midst, all of a sudden, three figures appeared. They took off, flew through a wide expanse of green, and began to run. Some said that they were animals, others said the sky was turning as the sun set, and another group said they came from the sky. It was the day of a great storm, and, while the moon shone, lightning flashed, and the forest was a sea of blue.

The great forest came with the creatures, led by one big dog. It was a long time ago, but the place still remembers its times of danger. It knows the land that the creatures took that way, from afar, where the world is full of light like a rainbow. It remembers the lands where the creatures came.

The Great White Way runs from the place here to the lands to the west, and from the place there to the land that has never seen them.

I don’t usually read other reviews, but this one in particular has hit the spot for me.

The first thing I learned from this book is that this is a very complicated story and that it isn’t always what my husband says it is supposed to be. The second thing I noticed is that he was pretty good at describing how he

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