Is free energy possible with magnets? – Concept Of Free Energy In Biochemistry

It can be! Magnetic field strength is directly proportional to the square of the magnetic field amplitude in a given region. However, the strength of the applied field is not proportional to the square of this field strength. As the electromagnetic field increases in strength, the ratio of the electric field component to the magnetic field strength increases, which gives us a decrease in magnetic field strength. By using a very large electric field, we can amplify the electric current through the magnet (or other applied field) and use the resulting electric field to provide a powerful magnetic field.

(PDF) Species of Realization and the Free Energy Principle
We’ve covered the most important issues for electromagnetic field interactions, and what you need to understand, but where the problem is can be a hard one to put into practice. Most people are familiar with one of two opposing electromagnetic field interactions. A simple example would be a radio wave passing through a solid, and interacting with a metal (or other material) with an electrostatic repulsion between these components. A simpler example: in your car, you may hear a motor-driven car engine from behind you. When you turn on your car, a magnetic field is generated on the interior floor of your car. If you drive your car along a smooth surface, the field will deflect the motor-driven car in a predictable way and cause it to “hit the wall”, or “slide off”.

There is still a significant gap between the two extremes; you may be able to apply the same technique with electromagnetism. If you try, you may be surprised you are able to produce a strong electromagnetic field without actually driving a car. In fact, there are still many ways to do this with magnets and the techniques you learn here will work in almost all circumstances.

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