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Yes! Magnetic field lines don’t disappear by themselves. In fact, they are constantly forming across a given area by interacting with other magnetic fields.

In fact, it is possible to change the intensity of the magnet’s effect without changing its direction. In other words, the magnetic field lines may have opposite polarity.

Magnetism and magnets

The relationship between magnetism and magnetism is an eternal subject of academic debate.
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It seems possible to have several degrees of freedom to interact with a magnet, for example to move it, and to change its strength.

Magnetism and magnetic fields

However the forces between electromagnetic particles may be seen as a single force, and the term “magnetic fields” may be used without reference to any specific property of the electromagnetic effect.

For example, the waves emitted by a magnet will naturally be thought of as being “magnetic” (although “strong magnetic fields” can be generated by weak magnetism), as they have the same electric field of which the electric field is part.

This can be demonstrated by placing a small magnetic bar inside the metal cylinder shown below. The magnet’s effect is very strong when the bar is not in the cylinder, but becomes weaker with the presence in the cylinder of some other magnet.

A weak or very strong magnetic field produces no electric signal

The result is seen by a red light flashing on the glass cylinder, which has been put inside an aluminium magnet. In this case, both strong and weak magnets produce the same signal. The force of the strong magnetic field is a very strong effect. This force is associated with the magnetic field lines generated by the iron wire, which are very strong, and which are not always a straight line.

A strong and weak magnetic field are mutually exclusive phenomena. The electric and magnetic fields may or may not interact at other specific points. The two fields can be very different, and it is therefore possible to get two different effects (the forces are not correlated, but different effects are seen, in this case different signals).

If two similar magnets are brought together, one can produce very strong or very weak results, although this is not always easy to demonstrate with experiments.

Two magnets of opposite polarity, say A and B, will produce different results, but the same effect does not follow, since the effect of either magnet will depend on the magnetic field of the other, and the magnitude of this force. In most experiments this

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