Is free energy possible with magnets? – Work Function In Thermodynamics

Some people believe that with magnets you can have a free energy source that works on the same principle as radio waves. There is a lot of research being done to investigate these possibilities, but no one has done it yet. What is interesting is that in the past people had discovered that magnetic fields could be used as a method to transmit sound information, as they are quite small. But now I have a new way to do that, just by manipulating the magnetic field in your environment. To be more precise, you can use our new electromagnetic pulses to manipulate the magnetic field, so that people can feel the pulse at a particular location. That way you can do something that is very similar to the way that radio waves are used to transmit sound.
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Do you think you will be able to use the pulse for this reason?

I am still working on this very hard-to-find thing, to figure out how to manipulate the field. There are many experiments that are going on in Europe and America that will help us figure it out, and many experts are interested too. In Italy, there is this very powerful experimental project that is dedicated to this project. I am happy because I will be able to show the world the way we will control the magnetic field with this pulsed pulse. After it will be so amazing, people will think how powerful this is. Then we will have created this amazing technology.

What about these magnetic pulses in the air?

If you get this pulsed pulse, you will be able to put two pieces of metal on a piece of paper in a box or just in the air. You can put them next to each other or to other pieces of metal. You can then send the pulses through one of the other pieces of metal and the other piece of metal will be affected by the pulse. Because it is a pulse of radio frequency, the electrical waves that it creates will travel directly from one location to the other. So, if I put a magnet next to some metal and I put another magnet next to this magnet so that they are both touching each other, the magnetic field in your body will be affected and we will be able to feel this magnetic field. This will be an important tool as it can work just once, and then will disappear.

There are also cases where the pulse can go through a conductor. If there is a wire in your house you can use it to do this. For example, we put a coil of 1 meter long wire on top of a

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