Is free energy potential energy?

Can you measure this energy? Yes No I have no idea. Free energy can only be measured in the form of energy in free electrons and protons.

How much does your current wattage need to be to achieve free energy? How much power should you be using for your calculations? A single watt or a full watt? What happens if you have an appliance that runs on 2.7 W? Where will the energy from this appliance go? What if you’re not using any extra power when the appliance is on?

A typical home that will produce enough power to pay for energy is about 10 mW per square meter. How long will it take to make a watt? One hour, two hours, one day, two days, four days, six or more days, eight months, or over 100 years? How much time will it take if you choose a power wattage based on electrical load?

What do a lot of college football fans think about the NCAA’s penalties for violations at Penn State or Florida State? Are fans willing to forgive the NCAA’s penalties for Penn State? And what did fans think of the penalties for Florida State — and what happened to them?

Here’s a complete analysis of comments made by the people who care the most about college football.

The comments below were collected via the comments section of each program’s site. To help us analyze the comments, we included specific questions into an email asking each school to give us a full comment for each school.


1. Is there any sense of the magnitude of the punishment? How different is this punishment compared to what was dealt with in the past? If it’s different, what should fans be looking for in its implementation?

2. Can you tell us why it’s going to be this large? Will there be additional penalties for teams that go above and beyond the NCAA’s punishment? Can I expect the N.C.A.A. to go after Notre Dame?

3. Why, if this punishment is so severe, is it taking place immediately? Has it always or recently been the case that the N.C.A.A. would act quickly on violations, but not be this bold?

4. Could someone else who has been on campus in the past year explain to me why it wasn’t just the Nittany Lions?

5. What is the punishment for the Nittany Lions?
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6. Is there any sense that the NCAA would