Is it possible create energy?

There is more to the magic than we have figured. I am not a scientist; how should I know? But I have made up some theory that is not so fantastic. First, I have no idea what I am talking about. But there is something in the air. We cannot say who is the master; but there is great power. A great deal of power. It is not known how long it has been around since we first saw it. But when we first saw it, that was not the real thing; it was a copy, an impersonal copy. Then it became real. It is real now.

In this dream there was a great darkness on the stage. You were on this stage. You had a hand in controlling the great darkness. You would control it so that it would go back to the world through your control of your body. Now you can control the great darkness; but will it come back? It is not certain. You have been so successful at controlling the great darkness that you are unable to control it much more effectively.

The great darkness is not just a shadow; it is a huge, massive dark force which exists on a planetary level. The great darkness was originally from a very small world. Very small. At that time there were two planets, one which had one moon and the other one with two moons. They were very close, approximately four times as far apart and that was the world. And later on there was this great, enormous planet at the center. I told you we are going there; it is your job to protect the people in this planet. And not until this work is done do you begin to see a lot of other things, but as we go we see things. If you see things, your job will be done. But there is just so much going on that is beyond human comprehension at the present time which makes me uneasy. But in the dream I can see you in full control of your body, not only you, but your brothers and your sisters and your whole earth, and you can give a lot to the people of the earth. You can bring them happiness.

But do not get into the habit of getting into trouble. If you are going anywhere do so from a place where you are not in danger and you will come out better. Because the danger is not always present; and if you come with us there are certain things that are not to be forgotten. For example. You will find yourself in your own country. The evil ones