Is it possible create energy? – Flywheel Free Energy Generator Design Calculations

This is a rather controversial proposition in the world of energy and will be discussed in a future post. I won’t be making any big deal about it right here or in the next episode about the “Energy Converter”. It is likely that you’ll find that some techniques to achieve Energy Converter in Java or JavaScript are very similar to a technique we saw earlier where we created a simple and powerful Java Web Shell application for testing.

With that said, let’s get to the details of how an Energy Converter works.

The Basic Example

The first application we make is the Energy Converter example.

var d = { power : 2 , voltage : 1.5 , current : 0.5 };

For this example, we have created Energy Converter class that has all the necessary methods required to convert power into volts and current (this is a common place where you will see inheritance in Java) and to handle both power and voltage changes in JavaScript. It has only three properties, power, voltage and current. Here is the interface of the interface

public interface Energy { void convertPower(double power); void convertVoltage(double voltage); void convertCurrent(double current); }

The class is also decorated with a couple of properties that we will see shortly as well: power, voltage and current. These are used to initialize the instance with the appropriate values.

What about the classes?

The only real code in the class is the convert Power method. Let’s start with the code.

// Generate some power. d.power = 3000 ;

This method takes an instance of the Energy class and converts it to 3000 volts. The power value is calculated by calling the power method on a new instance of the Energy class. The first time a new instance of the Energy class is created, this method will get called which is good because it is easy to verify if a generator is working correctly but, as we saw later, that will not be enough.

Our utility class is going to handle the conversion. The conversion of power to voltage, voltage to current and current to power.

public class Utility { @Override public void convertPower(double power) { d.power += power; } @Override public void convertVoltage(double voltage) { d.voltage = voltage; } @Override public void convertCurrent(double current) { d.current = current; } }

The code for converting power

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