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Yes, some people are convinced that it’s possible—but many scientists believe that to be true, a number of fundamental laws must still be met. Some of these laws, such as conservation of angular momentum and conservation of energy, are universally recognized. Others, such as the conservation of momentum and conservation of charges, are controversial.

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Scientists from multiple fields think that many other laws will have to be met to get the system to work on an unlimited power source. For instance, the forces in a particle’s orbit must be conserved, meaning that the particle has to have a particular configuration to fall into orbit again, after a falling orbit. This conservation of energy means that a particle must remain in its state at any given time. The charge and energy conservation laws also imply that particles must be able to have their own energy and make their own changes in the energy field. Finally, the mass laws must be met, since a particle does not have to be large to be the mass for which the equation of state is zero.

Most physicists believe that the energy conservation laws are fulfilled. However, if other assumptions have not been met (for example, the law of conservation of momentum is not fulfilled), the energy must be conserved for an infinite amount of time, a limit that most physicists have suggested exists.

One thing that is often misunderstood in discussion of an unlimited energy system is the fact that an energy source does not necessarily “flow” or change from one state to another, as in an ideal gas. An infinite number of gas molecules cannot be moved or changed, but they can still be absorbed or emitted with a “change of energy.” For instance, if molecules in a gas are allowed to absorb certain wavelengths of light, they are still absorbed by the system and the system continues to function. A system composed mostly of atomic nuclei and hydrogen isotopes would be able to perform the same function because the energy content of the hydrogen isotopes would always be identical (and will always have the same average mass!).

The laws of physics do not only apply to systems that have been invented by humankind, but also the laws that exist within our universe. Therefore, an infinite energy system capable of producing matter cannot come from any specific region of the universe, but can come from any one of the many regions of the universe. The physical principle that we are the sum of the parts that exist within us explains how an infinite energy system produces matter.

Although the idea that matter is produced from the interaction of “free” particles

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