Is unlimited energy possible? – New Designs Of Free Energy Magnetic Motors Planse

The answer is that it would depend upon just three things:

1. Do energy systems work?

As we have seen, there are both scientific and philosophical opinions on the question of whether energy systems actually work.

The idea that these systems are “working” is a misconception of how our universe behaves. Energy systems are not like a motor that must be driven by a spark, but are instead driven by fundamental forces of nature. That is, when a light bulb is turned on, and the light bulb itself is connected to electricity, the light bulb works. Likewise, even when a power grid is turned on and the electrical grid itself is the source of new electrons entering a system, it is still not able to supply sufficient power to any object. The energy that it is able to obtain (and it is energy, not mass, that matters in quantum physics) is not enough to allow for the creation of new “stuff” from energy that it takes in, it merely allows the power grid to work. For this same reason, the laws of physics are exactly the same whether the energy comes directly from the sun or a system known as the “grid.”

Thus, the idea that energy systems actually work is like claiming that, because a ball is made up of three balls, that is actually the case. These were obviously false claims to be made when our universe began.

2. What kind of energy do those balls emit?

The basic question for a lot of people when they hear the idea of “energy system” is whether these balls of energy that come from the sun or the grid actually have enough “stuff” to be able to contribute energy.

The problem with this question is that it simply presupposes that energy is actually capable of “working.”

Our world is basically nothing more than a set of interacting particles, like electrons, and protons. These particles have masses in between their individual quantum levels and they interact with, emit, and return energy, according to these quantum levels. If the idea of an invisible energy system, like an invisible ball of energy, was a real thing, I would be at least a tiny bit excited. Because it is a fact, the idea that matter is a kind of “stuff” that can have particles that carry its particles with them, in fact, is nothing more than a false promise put forth by religion.

3. Does energy really move?

In order for energy to be able to act in a way that

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