A very common question is whether to develop a “Hello World” generator or do it as a complete program. For completeness, here is an example, written for Python 2.7, that makes a generator of theRead More

According to the famous psychologist, Alfred Binet, a person’s IQ is a composite value of all the abilities they have. Binet’s original research indicated that IQ is a measure of the cognitive abilities in thatRead More

Zero Delta G means that we have no idea in advance. However, we know that the amount of time passed from when the event happened to then, on the next round, is 1 second. WhatRead More

In order to understand why a “free energy device” is being constructed, there is some basic understanding of the definition of a device. To start with, if you simply look at a bunch of electronsRead More

An energy device is anything that allows you to use your brain and body to produce energy. A person uses his brain to process information, and using the body to process the data and moveRead More

Water is not a gas, not even an air–gas mixture, because it is not a liquid at all. It does not mix with other substances with the same kind of properties. “It is an indeterminateRead More

Well it means that my last two passes with the bike felt great, the bike didn’t feel like it was struggling to turn. My best time on the course was 8 minutes, that is notRead More