What does 0 Delta G mean?

Zero Delta G means that we have no idea in advance. However, we know that the amount of time passed from when the event happened to then, on the next round, is 1 second. What does a second look like?

One second = 0.00059 seconds

One second + 0.09 seconds = 2.12 seconds

Two seconds + 1.3 seconds = 4.9 seconds

Two seconds + 2.4 seconds = 6.16 seconds

Two seconds + 3.9 seconds = 8.7 seconds

Two seconds + 4.8 seconds = 10 seconds

Two seconds + 5.6 seconds = 12.7 seconds

There are some other interesting things to note.

What is the difference between the “No Delta G” event and the “One second, two seconds” event?

The short version is that these events are separate. One second is really not going to change anything. On average, in the next round, the event will start around the same time. However, at any point of time – 1-6 seconds – you could run into an event where two or more events are happening simultaneously that give you a good sense for the time difference between when the first Event took place and the actual end of the Round.

But just how fast can we see the time difference between Events?

The best way to tell is to use your GPS. Just like we saw with our GPS, an analog clock is what we’d look at to calculate the time difference between two events at a given time. Analog clocks can be very reliable.

Analog clocks can be used to tell you about when Event “X” took place and Event “Y” took place. These two events are on different clocks. One set is the “standard” clock that we talked about earlier and both are on this standard clock (1-6 seconds) and on the same Analog Clock as well. The “Slim” clock is the one that has 2nd and 5th of those times plotted on it.

Using our GPS, here’s what happens on the standard clock:

For Event “X”, we observe the time change at the center of the dial – 1 second. However, if we look at a second hand, we notice that the second hand is at time #2. What do you think the clock is saying? Well, it’s saying that Event 2 took place at about 2.10 seconds later than Event