What does 0 Delta G mean? – Spontaneous Gibbs Free Energy Equation Units Of Measurement

Well, 0 Delta G means the minimum amount of gravity a ball might receive before it will be stuck! If you throw a baseball with a 0 Delta G object in it, it will bounce off of the catcher’s catcher’s mitt.

1.3.2 Calculating delta-G

We know there is no such thing as a “good” or “bad” catcher; however, we have a lot of experience with catching. For example, when people throw a baseball, the thrower has one shot at pitching. That chance is called a “catch rate”. With a baseball that starts at 0 Delta G and ends at -9.2, that means the “catch rate” is:

(-9.2 * 0.3) + (0.3 * 0.4) + (0.4 * 0.6) – (9.2 * 0.7) = 24.4%

Remember: the catch rate is an average: it might not be exactly 1.0 or it might be exactly 0.3. A higher catch rate can increase your success rate, but the catch rate does not predict your chances directly.

1.3.3 Calculating your “catch-rate”.

We know how many times the player has swung through a pitch in order to make a catch. So let us say, instead of swinging through 12 pitches, we are saying we are going to swing through 7 throws. For a “catch rate” of 1.0, if a 6/7 “catch rate” is recorded, then that is:
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(-21 * 0.3) + (0.3 * 0.2) + (0.2 * 0.3) + (0.3 * 0.4) = 16%

1.4 Miscellaneous Statistics

1.4.1 Bats/Grounds

Let us consider for a moment that we have created a “catcher pitcher” and have thrown 12 balls at the batter: The bats/grounds is:

-2*(0.3*24 + 0.3*7 + 0.3*4)/8 = 0.5

So if we throw 10 balls at the batter at the same “catch rate”, the “batter” will catch 7 balls and the “catcher” will catch only 6 balls, which is 0.5.

1.4.2 Out of Bats

With no pitcher,

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