What does 0 Delta G mean?

Well it means that my last two passes with the bike felt great, the bike didn’t feel like it was struggling to turn. My best time on the course was 8 minutes, that is not bad at all. I’d imagine that having a bike that isn’t a full on race bike and can handle a few laps on the flats would benefit me.

The new front derailleur

The new seatstays (a new design with shorter and more aerodynamic parts that look very similar to the S-Works seatposts)

Rack spacing is much bigger

The S-Works Pro has got a rear dropout, a new shifter and it’s lighter, wider and more flexible, not something which has happened with many carbon road bikes at the moment. The S-Works is built on a carbon fork with a carbon stem (previously the FSA stem) and a carbon stem housing (previously the KMC stem). The new derailleur is integrated with the FSA fork.

There are new shock dampening materials as well, including more of the more aerodynamic part: the spring guide. The shock has more rubber in it (and this is not something that will work any better in a race than in a race, but is nice for a more relaxed ride on the road), the fork and the brake caliper are lighter too and more rigid with the new front end, so they have less resistance to over force.

The seatposts look very similar, all of the same width

The weight is on the way up, but the most important thing to me is that the build quality has definitely improved. And it’s pretty much the only difference between a production XTR and one that would go into production. The new SRAM 1 X 10 and the new XTR bikes are virtually identical.

What about that $50 price tag?

It’s certainly true that the S-Works Pro is $50 more expensive than the SRAM 1 X 10 road frame is in its current stage. We all know the truth of the matter. The bike that you buy will reflect the fact that you can expect it to last a lot longer than the $49 bike. The bike is not the same as the build it comes with.

So I decided to add $50 to that to give the bike a real performance boost and so I would hope that it would be very similar to the bike that is offered now. That seems like a good decision from my point of view