What is a free energy device? – Gibbs Free Energy Equation Explained Definition For Kids

A free energy device is a device that requires no battery power in order to produce energy that otherwise would provide no energy. A free energy device allows you to enjoy more of the energy sources that our planet provides:

• Hydrogen – A simple method of producing energy in the form of hydrogen is an electrolysis process. This involves dissolving organic compounds in an acid, but the resulting gas of hydrogen is very expensive and hard to process and store.

• Solar energy – Solar energy is produced when sunlight hits the earth’s atmosphere (which is composed of silicon dioxide, carbon-14, hydrogen, ammonia and the other elements we have to work with). The sun emits radiation that has a specific wavelength. Some of that sunlight reflects back into space and is refracted in different directions which causes other light rays to return and form a spectrum. The result is that sunlight can be split into its constituent wavelengths which produces a new spectrum that is then spread across the universe.

• Wind and water – Wind and water, both very effective in creating energy, can also be made by adding carbon-14 and lithium-6 to the air we breathe. Carbon-14 absorbs infrared photons and turns them into electrons which cause the atoms in the air to become excited and create heat. Lithium-6 can help create hydrogen and is so inexpensive that it is rarely used.

• Nuclear – Nuclear energy has become very important in our lives now as we have grown up in a world where nuclear power plants generate energy at a very low cost. Nuclear power plants require very low levels of uranium which makes this an economically viable energy source. However, the energy produced inside a nuclear power plant is very toxic to humans and other creatures. Nuclear power also emits radioactive material into the air and is difficult to clean up and is a problem for countries that do not have the money to build and operate a nuclear power plant. Nuclear energy is still extremely popular because it is clean and safe and it is convenient.

Can I build one?

Yes! It is a relatively easy science that will be used by most everyone, including you! There are two basic kinds of free energy devices that exist, namely:

• A gas turbine: One type of free energy device is a gas turbine that produces energy by using electricity to generate heat at a pressure that is equal to the applied pressure of the gases in the turbine. Gas turbine devices, by using simple rules that are simple enough to be learned by anyone with the appropriate materials and electricity, can

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