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Delta G is the chemical symbol for delta-carboxylic acid.

What is the difference between delta or delta-9-THC and 1,1-dimethylheptylthc ?

Budget 2016: ‘You need to see the damage that happened,’ Abbott tells Turnbull


Federal Health Minister Sussan Ley says the federal budget will not see another massive increase in health spending as it does not want to see “inflated” figures.

Key points: Budget 2016 promises $7 million for cancer research

Labor says it would reduce funds by 20%

The Opposition is seeking to block funds

It is likely to be the biggest ever funding increase in health funding and some have warned the new figures amount to a “death knell” for the health system.

Health Minister Sussan Ley said the government was committed to increasing health spending.

“We’ve got a good record under this Government in terms of increasing health spending,” she said.

“We have increased the age health fee so it is now worth $1.38 for every $1 a patient spends.

“We have seen, and we need to see the damage that happened in our health system, the decline in access to services, the increasing number of doctors out of practice, and the fact people who need emergency medical care are no longer able to access it.

“So, we’re committed to building on our health budget, and that is what we’re doing.”

Ms Ley said the Liberal Party had “done well on the health budget” during the 2013 election, but she had not seen a huge increase in the amount of money being spent.

She added the federal government would not be looking to increase medical services funding in the next budget as the Coalition did not believe in the value of “inflation targeting”.

“They see the price rises as an overpay,” she said.

“They also do not recognise the inflation targeting aspect of their budgets. So, while we do not want them to spend that money, at the moment they are not being asked to do so.”

“We have to see it. But I think these figures are a bit inflated and we’re not looking at it.

“We’re looking at, of course, the fact that we need more doctors in the sector. We need to ensure that more young people are attending medical school.

“So, those

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