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Free energy concept is a very complicated topic with many different meanings. There are various energy sources, energy-absorbing materials, energy transformers, energy storage devices, energy devices, various ways the devices can be used or powered. We will briefly introduce some of the most important ones. The main idea behind it is that all these devices exist, there is no specific name for it, but every energy source, energy-absorbing material, and energy store have the same purpose: to make available energy for the life-supporting processes necessary to keep the body alive.

Free energy as a concept comes from a new perspective and perspective. At the moment, there are many other energy sources and energy stores and they are used to power everything. In our own system, they are very often energy suppliers, so they are called energy-fuelling elements. However, today, as it becomes increasingly apparent that the main role of energy and its uses is to produce energy to live (more than the last century), many energy suppliers are not very important. One of such are the renewable energy sources, because it may be possible to take power from non-renewable sources, like sunlight and sunbeams, without using up any other resources. These sources are called renewable energy sources, because there is a surplus of energy available in them. So energy sources are defined as sources on which there is an excess of a specific type of energy. If we want to be able to have electric power and not need the use of coal or other fossil energy sources, we also need to have some renewable energy sources to make this possible. These will include the ones mentioned above.

What are some examples of free energy sources?

As a rule of thumb, there are several types of energy sources as defined by the concept of free energy: renewable energy sources, bioenergy sources, nuclear energy sources, and solar energy sources. The following example of energy sources shows what these are:

Solar panels, they are made from photovoltaic cells and energy-transforming elements. As a result of their shape, they are called solar panels.

Biomass plants, it consists of the seeds from which biomass gets its value. They come in such a shape that they are called biomass plants.

Biomass, it consists of plants and trees, which are a natural alternative use of wood. They are called bioenergy sources.

Cells, they are grown on the land to produce fuel for the production

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