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Free energy is an idea that we can’t believe is real. It implies that we have control over the laws of nature. Most scientific theories of energy have been based on the following premise: the more energy you have in your body, the more likely it is your will to use it. So the scientific theories tell us that the laws of physics apply to objects you already have, without changing things that you currently have. Thus, if you have just one more gallon of gasoline — say you drive a Prius — then it will still burn and you will still be productive like you were before it ran out.

Free energy, however, is a far different idea. According to it, we don’t have to have a fixed amount of energy to be successful. Instead, we can use it in a wide range of ways and the energy will not be limited, even if it doesn’t seem that way to us. For example, it might be used for energy producing materials. It might be used in computers to store information. It might be used in power plants to store the electricity. The energy can be used as needed by the human body to operate the system the way you want it to operate. In a way, free energy is like an invisible magic wand which you can use to do virtually anything.

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So, why is it different?

Some people might say it’s because it uses ideas from modern physics. But this is not true. The energy we are considering is not new. Free energy is something that has been proposed by people like Albert Einstein and other scientists for a long time.

Why do so many people believe in it?

Many people believe in energy because they believe it is possible to use it in a variety of ways.

For example, in a nuclear power plant, the energy produced by the atomized core of all the fuel is used until the reactor operator uses the energy in some form to turn on the main steam heaters. That’s the energy used in the whole plant. To use that energy to run the turbines and boil the water that powers all the cooling pumps is like pulling energy out of the sun, which means that the sun’s energy isn’t enough to meet our energy needs. The sun’s energy isn’t enough for all living creatures, either. So people believe we should use its energy.

Another common way of thinking about energy is the concept of kinetic energy, which can be transferred from one object to another as a result of its motion. There

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