What is free energy device?

In order to understand why a “free energy device” is being constructed, there is some basic understanding of the definition of a device. To start with, if you simply look at a bunch of electrons you are going to find that they are made up of 1s, 0s and 1s. If you take any pair of these electrons you end up with 1s, 0s and 1s again. These are not even separate groups of electrons nor particles, these are just pairs of electrons.

There are a few differences between these atoms and electrons. The first is that when one of these pairs of electrons moves a little bit, they “spin up” a bit and the energy of the spin depends on the number of electrons. This is called their charge – a positive charge on one electron, a negative charge on the other. The second is that it’s a bit more complicated, that the spin of an atom is determined not by the number of electrons (a 0, a 1, a 2, a 3, a 4, a 5…) but by the electric moment: The electric charge of an atom is a fraction of one percent and the electric moment is proportional to the square of the atom’s distance from the nucleus. Now, this is only one example of atom’s behavior depending on its charge and distance from the nucleus, there are many more like electrons, quarks and gluons that are much more complicated.

All this said, you can’t tell one atom from another simply because they vary in charge and distance from the nucleus; you have to figure out how they’re behaving. If they have the same electric charge, they are equivalent. If they have different charges and distances from the nucleus they are different. And finally, their electric properties are influenced by what is going on around them.

And this is why we have to build a device using atoms and their electrons. In fact it’s a pretty common construction – every experimenter is familiar with one (or a few) such instruments.

If you can make a free energy device it’s pretty simple – as I just explained, you take any pair of electrons and the spins are related by the electric moment.

What is the charge of free energy device?

Before I continue, let me clarify exactly what the charge of a free energy device is. The term “free energy device” means that the atoms do not care about their distance from the nucleus. It has the same electric properties, same spin and charge as any