What is free energy device? – Free Energy Definition Thermodynamics Problems With Solutions

There is no such thing as free energy. It exists only as energy that is generated from another source. But the way it is measured depends totally on which source is being used, the source being “free energy” or not.

In this simple, one dimensional example, an individual can use solar energy to charge a cell phone, or to make the television set. Or, if the electrical energy is used to heat water, or to make soap or clothes, that individual can use free energy, if that is all that is used. The only way to produce free energy is by burning fossil fuels, and using nuclear energy, or by using all of the different types and amounts of energy that are available in the entire world. All of the energy that we use daily is available through the various forms of renewable sources.

Where does that leave us?

The answer that we arrive at is not “there is no free energy,” it is simply “how much energy per capita is there? What is the total amount of energy available per capita?” To answer that question we need to look at all available sources.

The World Bank estimated that there were 705 gigawatt hours of energy available per person on earth in 2013. That is enough to heat 1.8 billion homes, and 4,100 schools. The World Economic Forum stated that the top 100 countries in terms of energy use per capita were: United States of America at 25% of total energy; China at 26%; India at 27%; Brazil at 29%; South Africa at 30%, Japan at 32%; Canada with a figure of 33%; Russia at 34%!

The energy needed to keep warm would be sufficient to keep the average American on the Earth, and a full day’s worth of work, off for at least ten days.

What about electricity? The World Bank estimated that the total production of electricity in the world in 2013 was 9.1 trillion W of electricity. The average electric power use in 2013 was 13 billion W. By our measure, the entire amount of energy used for each person on the planet in 2013 was just 9 trillion watts. That means that the entire amount of energy used for each person on the planet in 2013 was less than half a watt per person on the planet. That may have been an overestimate because the United States actually used about 15 billion watts.

What about oil, gas and coal?

The World Bank calculated that the annual production of oil is about 543 trillion barrels. The

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