What is free energy device with magnet? – Active Inference For Dummies

A magnet or ferromagnetic material that can transfer energy between two surfaces.

Why is electricity or magnetism not an option of energy transfer?

If you find out, you have missed the point in our system. Your magnet is not your power source. Your power source is your body. You and your body are separate. You are made of energy. The magnetic energy can only flow by flowing through the body.

The system makes it clear how electrons are generated. You do that from your body, which is made of energy.

The magnetic energy is not produced by magnets but by your atoms and molecules that make up your body.

What is magnetic field? Is it a force or only a magnetic field?

Magnetic field is a type of flow. It is a field created by flowing between two magnetic areas with force.

Why is magnetic field a good analogy for our world?

One of your most important skills is energy control. Your atoms and molecules make up the world around you. Your body is made of energy. Your body is made of magnetic energy. The magnetic energy is how your body generates and uses and distributes energy. You should pay special attention to the magnetic field in your world because this explains why the world works in such a unique way.

What is energy?

Energy in our world is the force that moves matter around. But what is the source of energy? The answer is found in the magnetic field. What is the energy? Well, energy is the only thing that can come into being and then flow out. The field causes everything inside the universe to move in one direction or another. All matter in this world, from stars to clouds and atoms and molecules, are made up out of atoms and molecules that have energy.

Energy is generated in two ways: from the universe or from the atoms and molecules inside your body.

The source of energy in the universe is the energy that resides in all atoms and molecules of atoms and molecules which create a magnetic field of energy. The source of energy in the inside of the heart is the magnet.

Can you convert into energy anything you can absorb?

Absolutely. You can convert any object into energy! You can create and control magnetic field or energy by absorbing it on your body. If you do not want your energy to turn into energy, you must control.

So, you can convert any object into energy like a magnet. It is a very powerful

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