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The magnet is used to provide a free charge, when you remove/remove the magnet from the battery. It may cause the battery to drop in the charger when a magnet is inserted. That’s why it is needed to replace the battery with an electronic charging unit without a magnet in order to recharge it.

The charging unit that charge the battery may not be suitable to the situation of the battery dropped in the charger. A battery with magnet should be used.

In case you don’t want to do that, please contact us.

Why are there so few charging outlets?

Currently there is only one charge point on the market with the following:

1.) One outlet with two wall-mounted magnets under it.

2.) One outlet with four wall-mounted magnets under it.

3.) One outlet with two wall-mounted magnets under it.

4.) One outlet with four wall-mounted magnets under it.

Please note that the outlet above can charge the magnet on the left side, but the magnet on the right side cannot be charged.

Please check all the information on the picture below. There is 2 ways and I recommend the way 1) which is the easiest,

1.) A charger (without a magnet) that is connected to a computer,

2.) A charging wall-mounted magnet under the computer that works.

How do we charge on the way to Home?

I prefer to charge on my way to Home.

2.) Remove the battery cover of the battery.

3.) Turn on the wall-mounted magnet.

How often must I charge the battery?

The battery is charged every night after the sun goes down so that the magnets will come back to the right position.

The magnets are placed under the charger and do not touch the surface of the battery. We recommend to take the battery out and take a photo when you have a good opportunity it is charged.

How to Charge the Battery?

We recommend to charge the battery and the charging cord in 5 minutes. That’s because the charger charges faster and more efficiently.

If there is no time limit in the photos, there are no battery covers or the charger has a magnet.

After five minutes, take the battery out, turn on the charger, and press the blue button to start charging.

Is it safe to use the charger with a magnet?

The voltage of

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