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We have tested some of the following technology, including: a solar powered water pump, a generator, an inductive power supply with solar cell, an electric motor, an electric power-generating inverter, a magnet, and electric motor. We also used the products for a research on a possible use for an electric vehicle charging station.

How is the system of magnetic field and field coils produced?

In general terms, there is a magnetic field in the area between the two magnetic lines that are energized by the solar cells.

The fields are produced by the internal heating from the two magnetic electric currents that have been produced from the two electric motors, which are turned in opposite directions. The electricity is converted at a point called the “neutral zone”, also called the “field-emitting zone” because it contains the lines of force that transmit electric currents to the electrodes of both motors or the motor plates and/or the plates of the inverter.

This happens in parallel, so the magnets create a force that transmits electric currents to each line of plates.

The magnetic fields are in the range of about one to three milli-Grams.

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The size of the space that is filled by magnetic field created by magnets is the “cavity” of the magnetic field, and the size or “scale” of the field generated is the frequency of the field.

What does electricity make in a circuit?

Electrically speaking, electricity consists of two types of charge carriers and two types of current carriers that make up our current system:

Charge carriers (or “electrons”) carry electromagnetic wave, a force, and a voltage.

Current carriers (or “electromagnets”) carry a force.

How does electric motor charge deliver electric current?

This happens in a circuit with magnetic field formed between two magnetic lines, that generate two magnetised electric currents as shown in Fig.1.

When a charge carrier is introduced in the magnetic field, it moves through the magnetic field and the magnetic field creates an applied electric current that is delivered through the current carrier.

Why is there so much difference in the power generated, and what is the difference in size of this current?

The magnetic fields are so large that even a very thick magnetic field is able to keep them in place and protect the device from an external force that would be applied to it. Thus, with the most important difference in size,

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