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The easiest way to learn magnet is reading the book “The Science of Magnetism” by W.R.G. MacLennan.

But you can also use this app to try out magnetic materials. Check out the section titled: Magnetic Materials and its Application at Amazon.

4) What’s the use of different kinds of magnetic field?

There are many different kinds of magnet that have a magnetic field. Each one of them is good at transmitting and receiving energy.

For any of them, the application depends on the application and the type of application.

Magnetically isolating materials

Magnetically isolating materials:

Magnetic materials or materials in magnetic field are used for isolating the different kinds of objects such buildings, vehicles, machinery, pipes, bridges, and the like.

This is to prevent the magnetic energy that is generated within the magnetic field, from interfering with the electrical circuit.

Some magnetic materials have magnetic field differentials which are different amounts of magnetic field that are necessary for the material to be magnetic.

In magnetic material that have different magnetic field, the magnetic energy between them will vary.

Magnetic materials that have the same magnetic field are a good enough for isolation from the other kinds of field.

The best examples are:

1) magnetic steel

2) magnetized ceramics are used in the same way.


For a magnetized metal, different kinds of magnetic field is used.

Magnetic material for electricity, magnet

The best magnets are magnetized steel.

It is a strong magnet which is applied to steel or iron.

It is used primarily for the application of electrical circuits and electrical appliances.

The most commonly used magnets are:


* magnetizing steel


* magnetized steel

* magnetized brass

* magnetize steel

Other types of magnet
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Other types of magnet are magnetized copper which has small differences in the way it spins or used in various applications, such as the power station, the high voltage transformers, etc.

The main application of magnets includes electrical circuits, in magnetic material, as well as in computer circuitry.

Some magnet are used in mechanical construction.


The application of electric motor or magnet is to help the motor to move.

The advantages are:

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