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There are several examples. First example is the superconductor. Superconductor is simply a material made primarily of the energy and momentum of electrons. As a result the electrons move with very low velocity and their total energy is very low. The superconductor also has zero resistance at room temperature, which means that if one is able to make a magnetic field which causes strong electromagnetic forces to flow through the material, then the molecules will be torn apart. As such, it is possible to make a superconductor out of all sorts of materials, for example inks, plastic, glass, rubber, etc. So even if all you want is a superconductor, magnetism is the key. There are several kinds of superconductor, some of which are made from magnets and some of which are not. Now these are not the only examples – the same principle may apply to many other materials. There are, for example, magnets made from metals, like iron or copper. And this is where the analogy ends. However, because of this very very important property – and it is a property that makes magnets very special – the main difference in the magnetics is that the superconductor has a magnetic field only at room temperature while the magnet gets charged at room temperature. That’s an extremely important property because the main reason for superconducting materials to get superconducting at room temperature is because they have a strong magnetic field at room temperature that keeps the superconductor at room temperature for a very long time. So basically, once at room temperature, the magnets become superconducting again and the materials superconduct because of a magnetic field. And that is why magnet’s have been around for so long – because they have a strong magnetic field. I will come back to the second example. Now there are a host of other properties that make magnets very special and, in fact, many types of atoms and other materials can be made from magnets – all of which are quite unique. But, there are two properties that make magnets very special – namely the ferromagnetism and the magnetism in the same material which is called repulsion. That is, the electrons are repelled by one another at the surface of the magnet. If we do not have some surface effect, then all we have is the surface effect. In the case of superconductors it is very important. If there is any surface effect, the magnetism will be more negative. That will give you the magnetic force. What I said earlier may sound quite logical
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